Executive Summary



FAIRDINKUM FABRICATORS INC (Formally HMR Fabricators) was established in Angono in 1985 initally to refurbish and fabricate shelving and Pallet Racking for HMR Philippines. In 2011 the operations were expanded to provide services to the Construction, Geological, Exploration and Mining industries and hence the development of Fairdinkum Fabricators.

The company continues to refurbish the shelving and pallet racking, whilst in parallel servicing the requirements for external Fabrication. Since the conception of the company FDF have emphasized delivering quality, reliable services and materials to the industry.All the products and services that FDF provide have been the best available in the market and fabricated directly to our clients requirements and specifications with the necessary backup the industry demands.

FDF emphasize a thorough understanding of our clients project requirements, by maintaining close communication at all times so as to derive a complete understanding of each project FDF are involved in. During the course of our involvement FDF undertakes a hands-on approach to working with our clients and assisting them in varying ways to ensure the project progresses as programmed and with no delays, where achievable.

The Fairdinkum strategy is to expand and develop within the parameters of the market requirements. i.e. if the market has a requirement for a particular product, and the development of this product is sustainable in terms of ROI in regards to Capital Investment requirements, FDF have the human resources available with the necessary skillsets to perform the task. FDF will procure the necessary equipment and train sufficient additional staff to continue the development and maintain the operation.

Growth Capability

Fairdinkum currently occupies an area of 3,000 m2 of workshop for fabrication, but is situated in a compound of 2.5 hectares, with 1,200 m2 of office space available, and another 10,000 m2 of warehouse available if required.

Operational staff

Our current staff levels vary as required, but are approximately 110 staff, 50% skilled tradesman with the balance being semi-skilled labourers and trainees, inclusive of:

  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Quality Assurance
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Welders/Fabricators
  • Machine Operators
  • Safety Officers

Fairdinkum is adopting and implementing a uniform code of practice for enforcing strict Workplace Health and safety procedures, within the operation with a strong focus on Risk Mitigation and control.


Daily management procedures are performed by our management team;

  • Purchasing, Invoicing & Asset Management— Filipino
  • Management, Sales & CEO—Expat Australian,
    25 years in Construction and Project Management.
  • Finance, Legal, Administration & HR—Shared
    Services HMR Group.

Company Overview


Fairdinkum is affiliated to, and works in conjunction with:
HMR Group, HMR Philippines, HMR Envirocycle
SDW Holdings (Construction Division)


“Fair Dinkum Fabricators are a team of dedicated professional estimators, fabricators, and expediters. As Fabricators, we will provide prompt, realistic estimates, top quality materials, fabrication, and logistics expediting for on time jobsite delivery. Fair Dinkum Fabricators will offer structural steel and miscellaneous steel fabrication to constructors who appreciate high quality, exceptional customer service, product excellence, technical innovation, a focus on safety, and unparalleled efficiency – qualities unsurpassed by other steel fabricators.”

Vision & Mission Statement

To provide quality services at Fair Dinkum prices within project critical timelines.Our primary focus is to source quality materials, and utilising technology, machinery, tools, equipment and skilled welders and Fabricators to produce a quality finished product. Fairdinkum Fabricators endeavour to train, teach and elevate the employment opportunities for as many as possible nonskilled workers, by providing job opportunities and in house training to elevate these workers to skilled positions.

Growth & Drive

Our Vision is to grow the team and equipment as the work requirements dictate. Fairdinkum currently have a small team of fabricators, each with a particular skillset in a varying range of Fabrication nuances, i.e. Heavy Construction, Heavy Equipment, Stainless Steel, Oil & Gas and general Roof Trusses. Our team also consists of Painters, carpenters, electricians, plumbers and cabinet makers. FDF endeavours to utilise these qualified personnel to train and introduce new experienced workers into the market.

Past Projects

To date, Fairdinkum have fabricated the below products:

  • Roof Trusses, girders & purlins
  • Sheds & Steel Frames
  • Light Poles
  • Structural Steel
  • Stairs & balconies
  • Stair Balustrading & Handrails
  • Stage & Showroom development
  • Permanent Formwork
  • Core Tray Racks
  • Scaffolding, frames, braces, stairs & platforms
  • Tank Stands and frames

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HMR Environmental Compound, Silang Industrial Estate Canlubang, calamba, laguna, philippines 4028
+63 2 584 4061 (Local) | +63 2 584 4061 (Manila)